This isn’t very good and this isn’t very finished and I did it instead of doing my essay

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Look I drew Sonic. It’s too bad I have no compositional sense

\ :B

I made a background tile thingy! It’s my first one really… hahah

You can use it but like or reblog first and give a credit link to this url :Y

I’m just like… therapy drawing

This was good practice but I’m not going to finish it

On this day we become legendary

AUauagh legit I had to retry drawing this so many times turns out I have no sense of perspective and composition I need to copy heaps of photos until I’m actually confident because trying this and finding I couldn’t do it was scary

I had the photo on my phone and now that it’s on my screen side by side I see so much I could have fixed oh well too bad that’s cheating

This is the best thing I’ve drawn all day and it’s pretty bad



No Ragrets

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